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Why I’m Running

Thank you for the visit. Since a job transfer in 1988, I have either lived or worked in Northern Kentucky for 31 out of 32 years, the last 17 in Hebron. My education includes a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Statistics. Thus, I am a STEM advocate, at ease with science and numbers. Several of my children have graduated from Burlington and North Point Elementary, Conner Middle, and Conner High Schools and colleges in Ohio and Kentucky. Shortly after a divorce, I became the custodial parent and remained a single dad for nearly two decades. The emotional, financial and social well-being of my kids was my only objective.

I have longed for several years, to give back to the community that has given my family so much. Hence, this endeavor. However, I do not approach it in ignorance. I have studied Political Science at NKU for the past seven semesters and have scrutinized the legislation and voting record of my opponent, as well as those many critical areas where the Commonwealth might benefit from improvement. Politically, I am a pragmatist, a practical man who seeks practical solutions – willing to listen, willing to engage. I believe in a solid education, capitalism, skin in the game, and the kind of progressivism that includes a hatred for corruption, the use of technology wherever possible, and giving our citizens a fair shake and a boost, when necessary – because if a lawmaker can’t help people with day-to-day challenges, what good is he or she?