College Affordability


  • In constant dollars, the state has cut funding to higher education by 35% since 2008, while tuition at four-year public colleges has risen by 36% over the same period.
  • In 2000, state and federal funds covered 65% of the costs of higher education, the student, 35%. Today, the figures are reversed.
  • Kentucky ranks 8th worst among states for college affordability – tuition and fees at a public 4-year institution. College costs account for 21% of median household incomes.

Higher costs often leave students with little choice but to take on more debt or altogether abandon hopes for a degree, while universities are forced to cut faculty and staff, reduce student support while limiting course offerings.

I will fight to reverse trends of the past decade. I support 2-year tuition-free college and trade schools, and incentives to businesses that offer student debt repayment assistance. I will also sponsor a bill that creates a 529 account funded by any ambitious student, that will include matching state funds.