John Schickel: Bad for Kentucky

John Schickel’s votes tell the story.

  • Schickel has consistently voted against bills that would prohibit smoking and vaping in schools.
  • Schickel voted against work accommodations for pregnant women claiming that it would deter businesses from moving to the Commonwealth.
  • Schickel has consistently voted against common sense gun safety laws, even those supported by the KEA and law enforcement officials.
  • Schickel voted against the “Child Bride Bill”, a bill that would put restrictions on marriages for those under 18.
  • Schickel has voted for right-to-work bills and bills that skirt payment of prevailing wage for tradesmen.
  • Schickel has voted for charter schools and tax credits designed to support them, bills that would take critical dollars from one of the best schools systems in the state, the Boone County School System.
  • Schickel tried to end sexual harassment training for legislators, saying it was “a ridiculous waste of time.”
  • Schickel voted to celebrate Col. Sanders original recipe chicken, sponsored a resolution to honor the Chevrolet Corvette, and sponsored a bill to recognize school bus drivers which was promptly panned by fellow Republicans. One called it “feel good legislation” while another maintained that with all the critical issues facing the legislature, they simply had “better thing to do.”

…And in 2015, John Schickel sued to overturn state laws that limited campaign contributions and prohibited gifts and free lunches from lobbyists to legislators, a blatant pronouncement of vote-for-hire. The suit was tossed by the courts.